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Your Comprehensive Health Assessment will include:

    • A review of your Health Profile
    • One on one consultation to determine your weight loss goals
    • Evaluation of your metabolic profile and lipid profile
    • A body composition analysis
    • Set the foundation for safe and healthy weight loss
    • Helps you feel confident about your weight loss goals
    • Allows you to see how weight loss can improve your health
    • Weekly Weigh-Ins and Food Log Review
    • Education regarding optimal nutrition and lifestyle management
    • Provides support, guidance, encouragement, and accountability
    • Provides measurement of your body’s fat and lean muscle
    • Helps ensure you are losing fat and not valuable lean muscle
    • Provides record of your inches loss while losing weight
    • Provides you with extra motivation & support
    • Provides one-on-one support and professional weight loss guidance
    • Evaluation of your weekly progress
    • Encourages positive lifestyle habits to keep you focused on your goals

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