Weight Loss Coaching – With weekly visits and guidance from experts who understand how to help you be successful with this weight loss method. To educate and provide you the the knowedlge and confidence to have a heathly body that looks and feels fantastic for life.

Personal training – A healthy diet along with exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Our personal trainer will introduce fun and creative activities which fit easily into your lifestyle. Exercise is a key component to helping you maintain your healthy weight and the commitment to the new lifestyle.

Technologies – The latest Body Composition includes body fat ranges for children and new Healthy Range Indicators which automatically compare several key measurements to their respective healthy range. Body Composition Analyzers that is used in clinics and hospitals around the world, trusted for their accuracy, quality, and reliability. Essential for assessing the risk of developing obesity-related medical conditions and used preventatively to educating about the importance of maintaining healthy fat levels for life-long good health. Cleared by the FDA – and have undergone a stringent review by the FDA to ensure the highest quality, and most accurate information. Total body composition readings including: Weight, Fat %, Fat Mass, Total Body Water, Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, Bone Mass, a unique Visceral Fat indicator, Body Mass Index, and much more. The Wrestler Mode option helps determine a wrestler’s minimum wrestling weight based on established guidelines. Both Collegiate and High School minimum body fat percentile standards. Biophotonic Scanner– It is the only patented instrument that non-invasively conducts a live tissue measurement and provides an immediate personal antioxidant assessment. With more than 12 million scans performed worldwide since 2003, this award winning BioPhotonic Scanner has revolutionized the way we look at our health.