The Truth about Obesity, Weight Loss and Keto

Obesity adversely affects health. What is the cause and how to solve it? Obesity is complex, and what is still unknown is how much if any are caused by genes, hormones and metabolism?  What is known is that the habit(s) of eating more “mainly carb” calories than you can burn will create weight gain. Research has repeatedly shown that obesity (excess body fat percentage) gives rise to major preventable disease outcomes:


Dyslipidemias (elevated cholesterol / triglycerides)
Non-Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (NIDDM / Type-2 Diabetes)
Liver Disease Cancer Risk
 Mood Disorders
Numerous inflammatory conditions.
Reproductive Disorders
Heart Disease

The Solution to Weight Loss and Fat Reduction

The Ideal Weightloss Method has become the number one and truly the best way to lose fat and protect your muscles!  After 30 years of research and studies there is no better weight lose method.  With all the fad diets coming and going and all the Medical research that is littered with conflicting answers finally Ketosis has emerged as the best answer.  The Ideal Weightloss Method of Keto (Ketosis) has finally proven to be the best weight loss method and the answer for obesity.